Published October 20, 2018 by Chloe Madison

You know when your inhibitions are down because you’re drunk…. and that way you can truly know peripheral? People? I hunk that’s more authentic than not. You truly know what people think and how they feel.

You know what I think? No one cares. No one. It’s jist. Just a fact of life. People care about their own, their own family , their owner friends. If they don’t know you, they dont care.

I see this

It’s true. People don’t care. I thought about writing that love doesn’t exist. But I love people. I really do. Teylu. Just because they don’t love me back doesn’t mean I don’t love them.

I was just told a story of someone who committed suicide because they’re father molested several kids. Two of this kids committed suicide. The guy couldn’t handle it . H died a few weeks ago.

I understand.

I understand itnbeing ae to come to terms with who your father is. I understand this is your blood lime. Those is who your e. I know. M

I don’t know why god makes this world wheee people can’t handle their lives. He does that . People kill themselves and why? Because god gave them a life they couldn’t hanfkeb.

I don’t have I had else to say. Know that I loved people. I always will. It’s doesn’t matter. God love s people he just doesn’t care much for me. That’s the truth of the matter. And it’s ok. I need to accept thebtruth .or not


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