Published September 22, 2018 by Chloe Madison

It’s cold out here. Do you web just try God? I mean like be reckless in purpose just to see if he really cares? I think that’s what I’m doing need I just want to know and need to know . Does he realmy care?


I just want to feel loved to be a part of sn family: is it bad that I fwant to feel loved and be important to someone? It s it prideful or soembting🤐 I was thinking earlier thhow I have the base desire to ne important and I thought how contradictory that was to god a bit is t really? God designed us to be relational beings so then why would it be cotneadicktry to want to feel like you mean something?8f god Ives me he will catch me, right?


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  • GOD cares for you, yet HE doesn’t want you to be reckless… By faith, I catch you with open arms and hold you up so one day you know HE does too… I’m praying you’ll stay safe…

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