Published August 19, 2018 by Chloe Madison

Today has been pretty horrible so far. I cried in church so many times. I tired not to let the girl who accompanied me see it. I started drinking by moons noon . I don’t even care anymore.

I tuned out when they said something about truth and Jesus: I can’t believe that right nkw. He also said something about pursuing people that the way of Jesus is to pursue peopel. I don’t know I think that’s bs to. People don’t care people just leave you. I’m trith, no one cares about anyone except thenselves. That’s the truth .

I don’t know why I cried so much in church today: I could barely hold it todvrthe. I hate that I’m back here and my life is the same as when I left: nothing has gotten better. Nothing has changed.

If I fall apart like this on weekend, imagine what holidays will bring . Hays why I’m so scared for Thanksgiving already. If I make it that far. J really don’t care. I don’t know why god doesn’t just take me already m. Doesn’t he care


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