Mystery Money

Published February 16, 2017 by Chloe Madison


I have to report on God working.

Last week, I received a mysterious white envelope in my mailbox at work. The only thing written on it was the first letter of my first name. There was no note inside, just $40. Ironically, only a few days earlier, I realized my monthly finances were going to be off by about $25. I’m working really hard to pay down debt so I’ve allocated every extra dollar that’s not going toward bills to pay debt. I didn’t leave myself with any wiggle room. Unexpectedly, my electric bill was about $25 higher than it normally is. I was trying to figure out how I could scrounge even more on my food money to put $25 back in the bank.

Then, this mysterious white envelope appeared. I even chuckled right there in the mail room and thanked God out loud for answering my prayer. I told Him there was about $15 extra that I didn’t need though. After I had my little chuckle, I started to wonder if this was a mistake…was this money meant for someone else? Was someone paying someone else for Girl Scout cookies or something? I quickly came to the conclusion that this white envelope holding $40 was an error. So, I sent out an email to the entire staff asking if anyone knew who put it in my mail box or if anyone was expecting a payment that they didn’t receive. I got a few cryptic emails back, saying ‘maybe it’s for you’ and ‘maybe someone has a crush on you.’

I then talked to several people at work and found out that over the last few years, there has been someone who randomly and anonymously gives money to those in need. These people asked me if I’d told anyone how I was working nights in order to pay my debt down.  The answer was yes, I had mentioned to several people that I work some nights. So they concluded it was from this anonymous giver. I’m a great investigator and I’m going to put my skills to use to find out who this person is (we’ve got about 200 people on staff here)…I just really want to thank them and let them know how much it means!

But, the above story is not even the best part. Yesterday, a teenager came to me with a dire need for nine dollars. She explained a sudden emergency and told me how she had spent the last 24 hours borrowing money from friends and family…she just needed nine more dollars. I had completely forgotten about the mysterious white envelope! So, I went out to my car and was scrounging around for singles and quarters to give to her. I found eight dollars and made it my mission to borrow at least one more dollar on her behalf. As I was walking back into the building, I suddenly remembered the $40 in the envelope! That’s what the extra money was for! I truly feel that not only did God provide for me, but He was also providing for this girl. I happily took out the extra twenty dollar bill from the envelope and shared the story of its mysterious appearance with her. I told her that I was pretty sure this extra money was for her, not me. The look of relief in her eyes and on her face was all I needed to know that this was God providing for His people. Forty dollars is all it took.

God is indeed good!

Just a side note…with everything else that’s going on in my life, I am deeply grateful for this kind of reminder that God is here and He is working. When I feel alone or distraught, it’s an amazing feeling to be reminded that God has never left…and He never will.


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